Marijuana and pets

Simply put, marijuana and pets don’t mix. Help keep your fur babies safe by storing marijuana products responsibly and out of reach of any critters you may have wandering around your house. This is particularly important for edibles, which often look and smell appetising to even the most well-behaved pets.

Always ensure that your ingredients for cannabis edibles are disposed of properly, including left over plant material as well as cooking ingredients.

It’s extremely important that you label and store any and all medicinal cannabis preparations in a safe place, out of reach of both animals and young children.

Even the smallest amount of cannabis can be an extremely frightening experience for some animals and in rare cases may lead to health complications leading to injury or death.

Accidental consumption by pets

Get in touch with your local vet if you think your pet may have accidentally consumed some cannabis.

The more information you can provide to your local vet the better. Don’t be afraid to contact the vet if you fear your pet may have consumed even a small amount of cannabis.

Second hand smoke

Smoking cannabis around pets should be avoided, second-hand smoke can be just as strong for small animals and can cause severe mental distress in some, particularly smaller animals.