Understanding cannabis smoke and secondhand smoke

Being aware of your secondhand cannabis smoke is extremely important especially around young people and pets. As new research is carried out, we continue to gain a better idea of how marijuana smoke impacts the human body.

How does smoking cannabis affect the respiratory system?

While it’s not as bad as tobacco, long-term cannabis use is nevertheless associated with a range of immediate and long-term health effects that all users should be aware of. For example, many studies indicate that daily marijuana smoking may be linked with chronic coughs, chronic bronchitis, increased sputum production and wheezing.

Some experts believe that cannabis smoke also contains the same cancer-causing chemicals as tobacco smoke, though – for now, at least – this remains a topic of hot debate.

Vaporising is believed to be a healthier alternative, due to the fact that this method of consumption does not involve combustion. As a result, vaping produces no smoke, and therefore may have less impact on the lungs.

Can secondhand smoke affect people around me?

Similar to how tobacco smokers expose their loved ones to adverse health effects, second-hand cannabis smoke can also harm those around you. The aforementioned health effects of smoking marijuana may be passed onto those who breathe in the chemicals, even if they’re not smoking the cannabis directly.

Thankfully, keeping your friends and family safe from secondhand marijuana smoke is a fairly straightforward matter. Don’t allow anyone to smoke in your home and never use any form of cannabis in your car. Keeping marijuana out of these frequently used spaces will help your loved ones avoid the potentially toxic effects of cannabis smoke.