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Helen Clark did not confront Peter Dunne on cannabis

The Cannabis Party publishing false claims

Updated 10/06/16: Peter Dunne has responded and confirmed that The Cannabis Party published false information. According to the Minister the claims “are simply untrue & typical of the brain addled nonsense & lies this group peddles”

This comes after our earlier update on the twitter request by cannabis related website NZ Weed for confirmation on the claims that Helen Clark confronted Peter Dunne about cannabis decriminalisation at the recent UN General Assembly Special Session.

Helen Clark on decriminalising cannabis

A New Zealand representative has apparently informed The Cannabis Party about a confrontation between Helen Clark and Peter Dunne at the UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on drugs this year.

According to a post on the party website, UN Secretary General nominee Helen Clark approached the New Zealand delegation and questioned Peter Dunne on what he was doing to progress the decriminalisation of cannabis.

Although unconfirmed, Dunne was reportedly lost for words.

There has not been significant progress towards decriminalising cannabis in New Zealand. The Ministry of Health have however made changes to the terminologythey use in their descriptions of cannabis-based products.

The recent changes were reflected in the application forms themselves in order to better reflect how applications for medicinal cannabis are assessed. This may allow for more leniency towards practitioners and patients that are seeking medicinal cannabis based products as an alternative to other pharmaceutical drugs and medicines.

Helen Clark had raised the option of “partial-decriminalisation” of cannabis during her time as Prime Minister. Cannabis users in New Zealand still hold strict penalties if they’re caught.

While running the UNDP, Helen Clark had praised a South American country on their efforts to end cannabis prohibition.

Recently, The UN Human Rights agency recognised the recreational use of cannabis as a human right, however this it not recognised in this way by the current New Zealand government and it may be some time before cannabis has will see wide-spread acceptance as an alternative therapy for patients.

Update: A cannabis related website recently asked for confirmation regarding the “confrontation” and the exchange was unexpected from both sides;

Peter Dunne exchanges conversation with weed.nz twitter