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Top 5 cannabis strains for pain relief

Treating pain using cannabis?

There are three main types of marijuana: Sativa, indica and hybrid. While there are some similarities between them, each has a different effect and is therefore best suited to specific applications. Within these species, there’s a plethora of strains, each with their own appearance, flavour, potency, and mental and physical effects.

If you’re a casual user, you might not be aware of the nuances of each strain. After all, here in New Zealand, unless you have a particularly savvy dealer, chances are you don’t have much choice in terms of what type of cannabis you can buy.

This is particularly troubling for those who are interested in medical marijuana as a means of pain relief, especially because there is so little information out there helping guide patients in the right direction.

Pain relief using cannabis, here’s what strains we know work.

We’re here to help. Regardless of what ailment you’re trying to treat, we’ve rounded up the top five cannabis strains for alleviating pain:

  1. Master Kush

A mostly indica strain, Master Kush has earned itself a reputation as being one of the most potent types of medical marijuana on the planet. Denver Dispensaries recommended having it before going to bed in order to enjoy a restful sleep free from pain. This is a genuinely formidable strain, so do be careful to dose correctly.

  1. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is somewhat unique in that it’s one of the few medical cannabis strains that is sativa-dominant. What makes it effective as a painkiller? Well, as Herb noted, Jack Herer is full of natural pain-killing ingredients such as THC and terpenoid nutrients, which give the strain its distinctive woody taste.

  1. Harlequin

Another sativa-dominant strain, Harlequin is particularly effective at combatting the . As Leafly explained, this is largely thanks to its high-CBD concentration, which providers users with a cheerful, clear-headed high – ideal if you’re looking for a strain that won’t have too much of an impact on your day-to-day life.

  1. White Widow

When it comes to reducing pain, another excellent choice is White Widow. Colorado Pot Guide explained that this strain is particularly effective thanks to its composition of a range of pain-relieving cannabinoids. Users of White Widow typically experience an energy boost and a heightened sense of creativity.

  1. Romulan

Celebrated within cannabis circles in British Columbia, Canada, Romulan is another great option for anyone seeking to alleviate pain. As CNBC reported, Romulan is an indica-heavy strain with an intriguing peppery flavour that often causes medical users to experience an intense body high.

The top 5 cannabis strains for treating pain

In New Zealand, where medical marijuana remains illegal, you probably won’t be able to simply pick and choose the type of cannabis you want. However, when medicinal marijuana is finally legalised, having a good understanding of the effects of various strains will allow you to find a product that best meets your needs.